When continuous gas analysis are necessary to assure a full production Quality Control, Pentatec manufactures special rack 19’’ equipped with process instruments and analyzers, customized on customer needs. A wide range of rack mounted analysers are available. Analysers deliver reliable and unrivalled performance for percentage and trace gas measurements. On-line Quality Control is a flexible and high performance Certification System with single or dual measurement capability.

Pentatec understands that reliable analysis and measurement of gases is only one aspect of maintaining proper control of the total Industrial Gas production process. By providing you with products that use stable, long-life and low maintenance sensors, that do not require purging or reference gases, we ensure that our equipment will help to achieve the highest efficiency, yield and quality for your product.

Pentatec design:
  • multi point sampling system, fully automatic
  • sampling and auxiliary gas control system
  • product quality grade record database
  • production quality tracking by:
    - certificate print management
    - quality procedure management
    - quality grade record database