To detect Oxygen amount inside a stream of CO2 or any other inert gas mixture, Pentox 1000 is the only instrument that brings together high accuracy and a very robust structure at a reasonable price. Its wide measurement range allows quality analysis throughout the entire production process. It has been developed to meet the growing demand for High Purity CO2 and results particularly of interest for beverage producers of beer, mineral water and soft drinks working under international standards, as ISO and ISBT. Pentox 1000 is a low cost unit for high quality Oxygen analysis (ppm levels) for both 1-10 up to 1-1000. Easy to use, it is equipped with a simple interface of just four buttons for multifunctional use. Readings are clearly displayed on the LCD screen and RS232 communicationsis provided as well as analogue and digital outputs.


  • High Accuracy: 1 ppm
  • Wide Range: 1- 1000 ppm
  • Fast response: 10 sec.
  • One- point calibration
  • Long life zirconia sensor
  • Low maintenance
  • Stainless steel IP 65 enclosure